I'm Mark N, a commercial + editorial photographer based in Southwest Missouri. 

Joplin MO is the heart of the midwest; conveniently resting in the center of a "metropolis diamond" (I also coin exciting marketing terms) that includes Tulsa OK, Kansas City MO, Fayetteville AR, and Springfield MO. That's where my home is, but I'm always wiling to travel across real life miles and to far reaches of the imagination.

Mark standing on things on set. He does this a lot...  

Mark standing on things on set. He does this a lot...



My work (The photography)

While my work is in still photography, it tends to have that cinematic mood. My inspiration comes from filmmakers more than it does from photographers, giving me a unique perspective that thinks big in terms of storytelling.  

I'm no George Lucas in any time period, but for the sake of illustration, think of me as 1977 pre-CGI George; not 1999 George. What I mean is that I love the challenge of using classic, in-camera tricks, real set building and decoration, and environmental elements. Digital manipulation is something I use sparingly and carefully.

The goal is to create a more timeless brand of work; As a graphic designer friend of mine put it, "photography with soul." I also love incorporating motion, intrigue, and humor, whenever I possibly can.

I have 10+ years experience photographing for various companies, creatives, and publications. I love photography and I plan to continue in commercial and transmedia photography for years to come. Check out the galleries and case studies to get a feel for my work. 



I grew up in Southwest MO. I love to travel, but this will always be my home. Joplin is a little city thinking about becoming a bigger one, and I love being here during that process.

I have 2 kids and a beautiful wife of 11 years. I study my Creator and I collaborate with a lot of creators too. I enjoy a lot of things that get me labeled a hipster... pipe smoking, vinyl collecting, coffee, and mustache cultivation. And don't get me started on movies...