I'm Mark N, a commercial + editorial photographer based in Southwest Missouri. 

I reside in Joplin MO, the heart of the midwest; conveniently resting in the center of a "metropolis diamond" (I also coin exciting marketing terms) that includes Tulsa OK, Kansas City MO, Fayetteville AR, and Springfield MO. Joplin is where my home is, but I'm always wiling to travel as many miles as it takes.


While my work is in still photography, I'm drawn to a cinematic look. My inspiration comes from filmmakers more than it does from photographers, giving me a unique perspective, a storytellers' approach, and the ability to collaborate well with others and take on large projects.

I also believe in having fun while you work. My 'on set' demeanor sets people at ease and I love incorporating motion, intrigue, and humor whenever I can.

I have over a decade of experience photographing for various companies, creatives, and publications. I love photography and I plan to continue in commercial and editorial photography for years to come. Check out the galleries and case studies to get a feel for my work! 


these are my outrageous children   

these are my outrageous children



About the photographer


My full name is Mark Neuenschwander- if you can get the pronunciation right, I'll give you a hug the next time I see you. It'll be a firm, pleasant hug, but not overly long or uncomfortable. 

I have a lovely wife of 13 years who also does many creative things, and we raise a couple of miniature versions of ourselves who are very full of personality and ridiculousness (See picture). 

I enjoy living in a small city thinking of becoming a big one. To quote my friend Tim, Joplin is too big of a town to have a Dairy Queen yet small enough of a town to still be excited about going to Hardee’s. That's about the right size for me.  

I contribute to local culture in whatever ways I can, whether here in Joplin or elsewhere. Working with artists is my passion outside my craft- I spend a lot of time studying the creative brain, mentoring, helping create art community and figuring out how to help others (and myself) work more efficiently. 

I'm a regular at my local coffeeshop, a huge movie nerd (Christopher Nolan, Edgar Wright, and the Coen Brothers are a few of my favorite directors), a vinyl collector, and a guy that gets seriously excited about really good beer, coffee, and cheese... 

when I'm not photographing...

I'm a brainstormer at heart and try to keep myself challenged with new endeavors and collaborations. I'm 1/2 of the Brothers brothers, founder of bad.vinyl on Tumblr & Instagram, collaborator on a children's book, co-creator of the re-invented photonovel, and co-founder of The Bearing, a site for creative minds.