Photography driven by stories

Conceptual photography reflects ideas in a surreal way that some refer to as 'fantastic realism'. Sometimes this can be moody or haunting, other times it's entirely humor driven. This is one of my favorite things to do and something I believe sets me apart from most other commercial photographers- the ability to create photographs even more larger-than-life than the original idea. It's not just about creating a technical visual or using a lot of photoshop. It's about establishing a mood.

When I get to draw from my fine-art background, think outside the box, and take inspiration not only from other photography but from paintings, films, and books- that's when I'm having the most fun. 

Some of these images are from commissioned commercial photography shoots; others are from large personal projects.  If you have your own concept you'd like to see visualized, I'd love nothing more than to have a conversation with you about it!