My transmedia stories have a foot in both personal fine art photography and commercial photography. It is the work closest to my heart.

These projects began a few years back out of a love of long-form storytelling and a drive for artistic collaboration. My good friend Lance Schaubert wrote a script based on a rough idea of mine, and we began directing and producing our first story. 

The result was a new yet familiar medium that drew from graphic novels, cinema, and other mixed media work such as 'The Adventures of Hugo Cabaret'. 

We decided to call the medium the photonovel.

We have 2 photonovels under our belt so far; made up of Lance's words and my photographs. The second of these works is a fully commissioned tourism marketing piece. Currently, we are in the planning process for turning 'cold brewed' into a physical book, as well as seeking out funding and new storylines for future projects. 


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