'Cold Brewed' was that 'just for fun' project...

The kind that gets out of hand, In the happiest of ways. 

Jett Cropper is a 1940s detective caught in a world in which it was not alcohol that the prohibition rendered illegal… it was COFFEE. Staying true to both Joplin and coffee, my co-creator Lance Schaubert and I shot the entire series locally and used a cast entirely comprised of true-life-baristas. All slang from the period was swapped for coffee terminology, which makes for a tongue-in-cheek tale that sways from serious action to genre-honoring campiness.

The final product is actually an i-book told in a format that we partially made up, partially revived… the photonovel. That's what innovation is all about, right? It goes back and forth between words (Lance's) and pictures (mine), each doing their equal part to tell the story.

You can find the whole thing here


"Cold Brewed" is a featured case study because it exemplifies the level of innovation & storytelling I'm always working toward. Unique transmedia projects are on the rise right now... and something for any company to consider adapting into their marketing strategy. 

To see excerpts from Mark & Lance's 2nd photonovel, which was a specially commissioned marketing and tourism piece, click HERE.