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Film noir photobooth

Every month during downtown's third Thursday event, for funsies, I operate a "photobooth" out of the local art gallery here in Joplin Missouri. 

And this was my very favorite theme. 

The theme is "film noir"- harsh, shadowy lighting, trench coats and fedoras, a 1940s homeage that stems from my love of cinema and my work on "cold brewed".

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Creative Arts Academy

In continuing one of my recent posts on conquering fear in your art..

I made a list earlier this year of things that scared me that I needed to do. 
At the top of that list was "teach a photography class"... and this year I've now taught not one but now two...

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George Washington Carver National monument- Art in the park day!

Enjoyed a couple of hours at George Washington carver national park one Saturday afternoon, part of my ongoing work creating a stock library of images for the park to use in their branding and social media in the future. 

This shoot was different, because I was able to capture an event already taking place at GWC, the annual "Art in the Park" in conjunction with Spiva Center for the Arts....

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Jesus Jam is a huge party thrown every year to celebrate those with disabilities. Way more than just some cheesy religious event, this is a beautiful, dancetastic night devoted to folks with disabilities having the time of their life. You can't not smile after looking through these...

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