#exploormoar:: an adventurer's sendoff

So I met this goofy kid (I say kid because he's in his 20s instead of my oh-so-ancient 30s) last year at the coffeeshop I frequent. His name is Cole, and he's the kind of guy who's got more energy pre-coffee than you'll ever have after 10 shots... at least, if you're in your 30s.

He sat down across from me one day after hearing I was a photographer. I wasn't sure what to think when he first told me his goal: buy a van, fix it up, and drive across the country living out of it and taking photos of whatever crazy things he finds. "I want to be the guy that goes where no-one else will," he said. 

He wasn't kidding, and we soon became good friends- I'm thankful for the time I've gotten to hang out with him and be a makeshift mentor for photography and just life stuff.  He also got me off my own butt here in Joplin by taking me exploring underground. We had a blast. 

People talk about dreams like this van journey all the time... the "you know what would be cool" thought like I mentioned in my last post  (overcoming fear in your art). 

Yeah, I've heard a million ideas. I've HAD a million ideas that never went anywhere (ok, and a few that did). But this guy spent months saving up money, researching and learning, not to mention  installing solar panels, wiring, flooring, ceiling, bed and more to make a rolling 50ish sq foot apartment. 

Cole and his lady Teresa left this morning on their trip, and I couldn't be more excited for them.

#exploarmoar van life sendoff in Joplin MO00002.jpg

Do me a favor, would you? Follow along on his journey. Use hashtags #exploormoar & #gallivantures, and on Instagram follow @galli.van.tures and/or @exploormoar. You'll encourage a young explorer... but also, yourself. Following along with other peoples' dreams tends to get you a lot closer to following your own... 

yes that was cheesy. Forgive me.