George Washington Carver National Monument

george washington carver national park diamond missouri advertising photograph

I've been a semi-regular "tourist" at George Washington Carver national monument since I was a kid- so when the opportunity came to me this past fall to work for the park to document its' natural beauty, rich history, and family friendly exhibits, I was pretty excited. 

This is one of my favorite types of project- one in which the client basically needs an entire new stock library of images built from the ground up. Their site is built, their social media is ready, the park has gone through a tremendous number of updates and improvements- now it's time for a solid mega-set of photos to show potential visitors what this national park has to offer. 

 Since the focus of the rangers and the Carver Birthplace association is easily consumed by a number of other tasks any given day, the majority of the planning and conception fell to me on this one. That's challenging but also really fun, to approach an already respected entity like GWC and ask, from a visual and marketing perspective, 

What do people already know them for that's great- and what's great that people might not know them for?

I focused in on the outdoor portion of the park in lat 2016, while fall colors were popping- there's a beautiful set of trails that weave through woods and around different historically significant sites, including GWC's original cabin.

GWC national park commercial photography_0028.jpg

This past month, I hilighted the indoor exhibits, where the park boasts an 1800s classroom re-creation, a full sized lab where students can make their own peanut milk, and a myriad of interactive displays for all age ranges. 

george washington carver national monument interactive exhibits

Planning and development on this one meant working out a shot list that would hit every aspect of GWC, determining best times of day to shoot, planning and contacting a diverse range of models, and working with the rangers to capture their comprehensive roles as caretakers and guides at the park. 

george washington carver park classroom with park ranger

I was also pumped to be able to be able to work alongside my buddy Derek at flying treasure films- Derek's video is currently in development. 

More to come yet from my work at this beautiful national park- stay tuned!