Kaitlyn:: retro model session

Hey all. I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately... as tends to happen when you get wrapped up in the businessy-business of running a small business... mehhh. Well, the business keeps the photos coming and the kiddos fed, so I'm thankful for it, even all the late nights working and all the little parts I don't have enough money to pay someone else to do. :)

Anyway. As for the blog... I really plan to be posting work on here a lot more regularly. I WILL say that if you find me silent again in the future for any period longer than you can bear (or if you're some awesome agency scouting my work right now- yes YOU! Call me!) follow my instagram at /marknphoto. I'm pretty steady over there. 

So here's a shoot breaking away from my "normal" work- as in, I don't typically shoot fashion. But Kaitlyn is a born model and wanted some shots done, and I had the perfect spot in mind for her vintage vibe (she's very interested in being a fashion or interior designer). To top it off, I got to borrow a sweet retro-remake bicycle from none other than Columbia Bicycles through my friend Jon... it all worked out perfect. 

**side note: Kaitlyn is the sister of Alex, the composer in this photo.  A startling number of people have commented on this shot over the years. At that time, Kaitlyn helped throw papers into the frame (no, they were not photoshopped) for this shot. So, in turn, he showed up at HER shoot to help, and if you scroll down you can see him blowing bubbles into her tea party. Only fair. 

On to Kaitlyn, the star of THIS show.