Me Like Me Like Bees

I love me some Bees. 

Earlier this year, I posted my first music video project (first bc, you know, I'm a photog not a video guy), as a collaboration with "The Realm" creator Jeremy Haun and this band right here, Indie Rock act Me Like Bees. 

The Bees have gone through some significant changes this year- the sad but normal rock n' roll truth of, you lose some, you gain some. With two new members in play this season, The bees needed some new pictures and I was happy to oblige. 

Before we go any further, I have to say a thing or two. 

 I really do love these guys. They are my friends and neighbors, and there's not a hint of the ego that you'd pretty much EXPECT to come with this level of talent. Maybe it's that they are insanely talented, maybe it's just they hit my own musical sweet spot (we'll say both)... but seriously, please go check them out. They'll make your toes tap in a beautiful throwback to early 2000's indie-pop when I still liked music....but this music you won't bury like that copy of the strokes cd you downloaded from Napster back in the day.

I'm gonna mix it up with a batch of both serious badass rock photos, and of course ridiculous outtakes, bc we had fun all the way and it's always nice to be able to show that. 



Setup. Phones are fun, + Jake has Steve Harrington hair. It's kind of a thing of beauty, actually...

me like bees indie rock band photos by Mark N photography_0006.jpg

-we started with some shots to celebrate the newest members- Jake and Lewis. Nick and Tim sure will be missed, but it's also exciting to see these talented guys enter the picture (literally) alongside Luke and Pete.