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best of 2017 Joplin MO artists

Usually, I begin the year with a post about my accomplishments from the last. 

This year (a couple of months late) I focus on the accomplishments of the Joplin, MO artist community that surrounds me. Because these days, there's far more meaning in that- and my best work is alongside these friends and neighbors. 

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How I'm conquering fear in my art this season

From my "FOR ARTISTS" series::

For those who have creative ideas but haven't progressed past "you know what would be cool?Practical thoughts from my own recent experiences on collaboration and moving out of a state of "stuckness". These are tips that have helped me get my ideas out of my head and into creative action. 

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A post about the new L16 camera and what new technology can mean for artists everywhere.

Here's the thing we need to remember. ALL of us artists, in some sense, are "cheating" according to the past. But the past also reminds us... without change & technological progress, a culture's art can grow stale. 

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Tools beneath the trade

It's amazing how freeing for the mind it is to let apps and other organizational tools keep track of your floating thoughts for you.  

Here are 6 digital tools that have helped me...

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