Hampton Inn (keep those pillows fluffed)

Guys, if you want to get into commercial photography- there's difficult things you'll have to do. Things like throwing continental-breakfast-waffles away because they're lopsided and that just won't represent the Hampton brand very well. 

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Film noir photobooth

Every month during downtown's third Thursday event, for funsies, I operate a "photobooth" out of the local art gallery here in Joplin Missouri. 

And this was my very favorite theme. 

The theme is "film noir"- harsh, shadowy lighting, trench coats and fedoras, a 1940s homeage that stems from my love of cinema and my work on "cold brewed".

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George Washington Carver National Park- nature time

Deviating from portraits, nightlife, band photos and other imagery that includes human beings, I went out to George Washington Carver to capture some images of the park to highlight it's natural wonder in that beautiful morning light. 

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Author headshots with FC Shultz

author headshots with FC Shultz... and his cat batman. 

With a headshots session, it's always a great idea to have a couple different looks- so that later on, when you produce more material and get tired of using the same headshot over and over, you've got a variety of pictures to choose from. So that's what we did, doing a couple of scene and outfit changes and also getting a nice mix of lighthearted, serious, and straight up goofy. 

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Creative Arts Academy

In continuing one of my recent posts on conquering fear in your art..

I made a list earlier this year of things that scared me that I needed to do. 
At the top of that list was "teach a photography class"... and this year I've now taught not one but now two...

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How I'm conquering fear in my art this season

From my "FOR ARTISTS" series::

For those who have creative ideas but haven't progressed past "you know what would be cool?Practical thoughts from my own recent experiences on collaboration and moving out of a state of "stuckness". These are tips that have helped me get my ideas out of my head and into creative action. 

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